Ardennes C. Sharpening Stone 1200/4000 20x6cm

DZ-008469123MSRP : EUR 90.00
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Combined Sharpening Stone 1200-4000 - Ardennes Coticule

Natural sharpening stone of generous dimensions for water use CotPyr - Pyrènèes / BBW with two combined grits.
The first side (gray color) has an estimated grit of 1200 and the second side (purple color) has an estimated grit of 4000.
This combined sharpening stone allows you to obtain a good bevel in a short time (obviously the user's experience component always makes the difference to obtain good results).
Both sides are ready to use.

The Pyrènèes side of the stone (gray color) has an estimated grit of 1200 and it is suitable for the first phase of sharpening, as the creation of the bevel and / or the elimination of any "chips" present on the edge of the razor blade.

The part with BBW stone (dark purple color) with an estimated 4000 grit is suitable for the pre-finishing phase. It can be used as a "second phase" after obtaining the bevel on the 1200 side of the stone, or as a stand-alone phase before use the Belgian Selected yellow stone (or the Ardesia nera stone) to finish.
The manufacturer recommend to don't use the Pyrènèes side (gray color from grit 1200) to lap because there is the risk to close the pores of the stone compromising the correct abrasive functioning.
How to use: Wet the stone from the Pyrènèes side (gray color) with water and work with the razor to obtain the bevel.
Before moving on to the BBW side (dark purple color), we suggest working under running water in order to remove processing residues from the blade.