Ardennes C. Bout 8000/10000 irregular size

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Bout for Sharpening Stones 8000/10000 - Ardennes Coticule

The Belgian yellow selected Bout it's made of irregular dimensions (estimated surface of 33-39cm2) and allows to obtain a slurry by rubbing it on the finishing stone, thus lowering the original grit of the stone and accelerating the finishing process.
For the most experienced, a Bout of this size can be used as a (little) finishing stone. In case you want to use the bout as a finishing stone, we suggest to lap the part to be used (yellow side).

How to use:  After having wet the stone and the bout, rub the bout on the stone until you get a slurry, pass the razor over the stone with "outward" movements bringing the slurry back and forth in the direction of the sliding of the razor. When the slurry will be absorbed, rinse the razor and the stone with water, then complete the finishing on the stone under running water.