Boker Solingen Graf Engelbert II 7/8 Square Point Carbon Steel Straight Razor

AP-1405384045011154898MSRP : EUR 340.00
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​Boker Solingen Graf Engelbert II  7/8 Square Point Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Type: Straight Razor
Blade Width: 7/8
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Horn
Processing: Gold Plating
Point: Square Point
Color: Brown

Not far from the company headquarters of the Boker manufacture in Solingen we find the hallmark of the Bergisches Land region, the castle Burg an der Wupper. It is also one of the largest castles in western Germany and the largest reconstructed castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. The famous history of Castle Burg is inseparably linked to the Duchy Berg and the counts von Berg (Haus Berg 1068-1225). On this occasion we decided to dedicate a series of Straight Razors to the three counts von Berg, which symbolizes parts of the life of the three counts and reminds us of the remarkable property and influence of the counts with impressive ornamentations made from 24 carat gold.

The last Count von Berg, Engelbert II., was also called Engelbert I., Archbishop of Cologne. When he was murdered, Berg went to the House of Limburg. This splendid 7/8 inch Straight Razor shows Engelbert as Archbishop of Cologne. The graded head of this blade (ground until it makes the right sound) made from finest Solingen Straight Razor steel and the curved blade back in combination with a handle made from finest stag document its great elegance and unique quality. The blade is ground extra hollow with ridge. Includes certificate of authenticity and refined presentation display with individual serial number.